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Floral Design Services

Floral arrangements are the perfect addition to any major event, whether you’re celebrating a wedding or putting on a gala. At JL Original Designs in Montgomery County, PA, we specialize in both silk flower and fresh flower arrangements, adding color and beauty to your special day. With more than 20 years serving the Greater Philadelphia area, we have the experience necessary to help you get the look you’re going for.

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Wedding bouquets

Custom Flower Arrangements

Our floral design team at JL Original Designs is dedicated to crafting floral arrangements that suit your aesthetic and functional needs. We’ll help you consider the durability of flowers given the expected weather the day of your wedding, what colors of flowers will go best with your event palette, and what type of bouquets or floral centerpiece arrangements make sense for your decor and dresses. From free-form whimsical bouquets to more sophisticated looks, your flowers and decor will reflect your own personal style.

Beautiful floral design

Tips for Choosing the Right Floral Decor

At JL Original Designs, we have more than 20 years of experience crafting beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements for events of all kinds. With that experience, we’ve developed extensive knowledge in how best to select the right flowers for your big day.

Here Are Some Tips to Keep in Mind:
  • Review prior work of the florist: Look through prior work of the florist to see what elements of their floral designs appeal to you and whether they have experience working in a similar space.
  • Timing matters: Timing of your wedding affects both pricing for flowers and which flowers will hold up the best. Buying red roses for a wedding right around Valentine’s Day, for instance, can lead to a significant increase in pricing for the flowers, while delicate flowers like tulips won’t hold up on a hot, humid day.
  • Bring in color swatches to your consultation: Bringing in a fabric swatch from a bridesmaid dress or table linen gives the florist something to go on when selecting colors that will suit your wedding or event palette.
  • Avoid overly fragrant flowers: Extremely fragrant flowers can make you or guests sneeze, creating an unpleasant overall event experience.

Floral Design Pricing and Delivery

At JL Original Designs, we will bring your floral arrangements to you the day of the event. We will set up floral arrangements on site if desired and ensure everyone has their bouquets stored properly and ready to go.

Pricing for floral arrangements depends largely on the price tags of the flowers themselves, which include shipping them from where they are grown and the cost of the labor needed to order, receive, preserve, and design them. Other factors contributing to price include the number of bridesmaid bouquets needed and the number of centerpieces required.

To get started, use our downloadable form for a price estimate and schedule your first free floral consultation. During the consultation, we’ll learn more about your style, favorite flowers, budget, and a vision for your event. From there, we’ll customize a floral proposal for your review.

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