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Enjoy our blog all about Alex and PJ’s New Jersey Wedding.  Alex had big wedding dreams to be married at Peddler’s Village.  The pandemic and Pennsylvania restricted social guidelines would force Alex and PJ to look for other venue options.  Our couple had a lot of tough decisions to make in a short amount of time.  First huddle was contacting all their wedding vendors to notify them that their wedding venue might change.

When Alex called us, we reassured her that we would accommodate her venue change at no additional cost.  It did not take Alex long to find a little gem in Bogey’ s at Pitman Golf Course in Sewell, NJ.  Alex called us back super excited, she had found a venue that would let her and PJ celebrate with all their family and friends.  Switching venues did add to Alex’s to do list.  Alex needed to add to her floral order centerpieces, fabric for the pergola and couple of other little design touches.

Kc and Jen arrived at Bogey’s to deploy all the finishing touch of Alex and PJ’s wedding.  Alex wedding colors were yellow and Royal blue.  Big bright sunflowers accented with white flowers and prayed royal blue phalaris completed Alex’s bridal bouquet.   The Bridesmaid carried a simpler bouquets of just sunflowers and roses to accent their beautiful blue dresses.

Alex and PJ had amazing weather for their New Jersey wedding.  Our couple could not have timed it any better, to conclude their wedding ceremony with a beautiful sunset to set the stage for a night of celebrating and dancing.

Alex and PJ we wish you many years of happiness!

Alex and PJ’s Wedding Day
September 19, 2020

Venue: Bogey's
Photographer: George Street photo & Video
Event Florist: JL Original Designs