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Fall and Winter Wedding Trends

With summer’s end on the horizon, it’s almost time for the fall and winter wedding season to begin! In the spirit of the upcoming seasons, we figured we’d give a little insight into what’s trending so far to spark your inspiration. 

Fall 2022

Fall Color Palette

To start, we have the trending color palette for this fall. Burgundy is becoming a top color choice. It serves as the perfect contrast between light and dark shades while fitting with your fall theme. Burgundy also pairs well with neutral and muted shades, such as browns, dusty pinks, and ivory.


Burgundy and ivory roses have been growing in popularity for use in bouquets, centerpieces, cakes, and other decors. No wonder; they look great in anything! Recently, we used these roses on lanterns for aisle decor. To add a slight pop, we put little sprigs of gold painted baby’s breath between the roses.


Winter 2023

Winter Color Palette

Onto the trending color palette for this winter, we have grays, dusty blues, and sage green. These frosty colors match well with the weather, however, the sage green adds a pop of liveliness. This color palette keeps your winter wedding looking in season and anything but dull.


Wedding Invitation


These blue thistles are perfect if you choose to add a touch of blue to your florals! They are strong and durable and add a perfect addition to your florals while fitting within your winter color palette. They make for great boutonnieres and pair well with white roses and greens for your bouquets and centerpieces.

fall and winter trends


We are greatly looking forward to the upcoming fall and winter seasons and hope you are too!