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Venue Coordinator vs. Day-of Coordinator:
What’s the difference and why you need to know

There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding the difference between a venue coordinator and a day-of coordinator. “My venue coordinator will handle everything. I don’t need a day-of coordinator.” This is a common mistake couples make when planning their wedding. The roles of a venue coordinator and a day-of coordinator often get mixed up, which can sometimes cost couples their peace of mind in the planning process. So what exactly is the difference?

Venue Coordinator

To start, venue coordinators only work with things that specifically pertain to the venue. This is because they are employees of the venue and are therefore paid by the venue to make sure everything runs smoothly on their end. A venue coordinator’s primary responsibility is to prepare the venue for your wedding. They are in charge of arranging the venue’s layout and setup and making catering decisions according to the client’s needs. However, this is as far as a venue coordinator’s abilities will reach.

Day of Coordinator

Unlike venue coordinators, a day-of coordinator’s focus lies primarily with the client. This is because a day-of coordinator is hired by the client and is paid by the client. They take care of any further planning and personal needs. A day-of coordinator’s job title may be misleading as well since they don’t take care of business only on your big day. They can be hired one to two months in advance. This helps them understand the client’s needs and perfect the timeline. So by the time your wedding day rolls around, you’ll be happy and stress-free.

Why Hire a Day-Of Coordinator?

Many couples find it stressful and overwhelming to plan their big day. I mean, let’s be real. Who wants to stress over every little detail while also trying to get yourself ready? That’s where a day-of coordinator comes in handy. A day-of coordinator will take care of all of the details for you in advance and on your big day. They are well worth the investment for couples who are feeling burnt out with the planning process. They are also more affordable than a full-time planner. For some circumstances, they are even necessary if a venue is understaffed and needs an extra set of hands to help things run efficiently. In a nutshell, a day-of coordinator is your best friend when it comes to planning, preparations, and making sure you are satisfied and excited for your wedding day.