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Partner and Designer

Our very own Jen Lawn talking about family and  JL Original Designs .

Not going to lie, I was so nervous to get on TV.  Thank goodness the process was so fast I really did not have time to think about it.  A great friend who has watch me build this event design business from nothing would not take no for answer and took matters into her own hands.  Thank you “AF”!!

I am so proud and excited to do what I love.  I meet amazing people every day who just need a little help to  celebrate life’s special and most precious moments.  We love being apart of that process.  Our goal is to assist our clients by designing, creating, planning, and/or coordinating their events.

JL Original Designs has an amazing crew that works extremely hard and tirelessly to bring our client’s visions to life.  Thank you to not only our employees but to all our family and friends who support this little company!  We can’t do what we love without you!  A special thank you to my hubby Art and my three kids Nate, Emilie and Josh for supporting me as I created the best job ever.

Thank you Karen Hepp FOX 29

2019 is going to be amazing for JL Original Designs!  Follow us on our social media pages and come celebrate all of life’s special moments!