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Money Saving Tips

Ten Wedding Money Saving Tips:

The Wedding budget is set. The following ten money saving tips will keep you on track during the wedding planning stage.

  1. Limit your guest list – This will affect most of your costs (less to feed, decorate, smaller space and so on)
  2. Ceremony and Reception – held in the same place, in a park or venue
  3. TimingOff Season, earlier time like a Brunch wedding
  4. Smaller bridal parties
  5. Bar options and Meal options – House brands vs. premium Brands, only serve from the bar, buffet and stations vs. plated meals and stay away from hard to prep foods
  6. Flowers/ Decor – Reuse ceremony flowers for the reception and use in-season flowers
  7. Shop venues – Location city vs suburbs, nontraditional venues
  8. Stationery – Use a website & RSVP online, Address your envelope, Print programs and name card per couple instead of per guest
  9. Longer engagement period – extending you engagement just gives you more time to save and pay in cash 
  10. Go with a DJ instead of a band

These ten money saving tips are only the beginning. There are so many other ways to save money on your wedding day. With that being said, if you are feeling overwhelmed, hire a planner. A planner adds a lot of value by creating realistic budgets for clients they know the industry, prevent overspending and keep you both on track.