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The wedding budget is often the most stressful part of wedding planning, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t make the mistake of thinking some pre-wedding accounting isn’t for you. Whether you are on a tight budget or shooting for the stars, it’s smart to come up with a  definitive financing plan.  

With a budget in place you’ll feel organized, less stressed and stay on task without going “Wedding Broke” or “Wedding Poor”.

Follow these six steps in creating your wedding budget. 

  1. Count your cash – Be realistic, do your research to determine the kind of wedding you want. 
  2. Have the wedding budget talk –  With all monetary contributing parties 
  3. Prioritize – as a couple you need to determine what wedding elements are most important to you, like catering, entertainment, decor, etc. 
  4. Track your spending – record it all even, beauty treatments
  5. Prep for Surprises – add a bit of cushion for flexibility to handle any surprise
  6. Decide what is non-negotiable – This is usually your top three must-have wedding elements, no matter if they are practical or completely frivolous. (Each pick one wedding element and compromise on the third wedding element)

The budget is set, but there are great tips that can save you money without sacrificing an ounce of style. Check out our blog: “10 Wedding Money Saving Tips” that go beyond shopping early and following vendors on social media for deals.

Saving Money by Hiring a Planner:                                     

  • Budget template and checklists
  • Cost saving tips
  • Navigating and negotiating contracts
  • Avoid last minute surprise costs

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